Wednesday, July 24, 2013

FIGURES.COM COVERAGE OF THE ROBOTECH SDCC PANEL has posted its coverage of our San Diego Comic-Con panel and here is an excerpt.

I asked Svea about Love Live Alive, and what she thought was special about the project. It was the brainchild of her late husband and creator of Robotech, Carl Macek, who developed the story and adapted the original Japanese OVA. “It’s Lancer’s story, and it adds another level to the overall story. During war artists, like Lancer, have to adapt.” Macek is consistently impressed with the loyal fans, and looks forward to more Robotech coming soon. Her other current projects include illustrating a children’s book called “Cha Cha the Indoor Cat,” costuming work, and revitalizing other projects Carl began. Steve similarly described LLA as “fulfilling an old desire” on the part of Carl, who was eager to bring back the characters from the OVA. He described it as an “expansion with a retrospective on the New Generation summarizing some of the best parts.”

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