Wednesday, July 24, 2013

FIGURES.COM REVIEW OF ROBOTECH: LOVE LIVE ALIVE! has posted a full review of the new animated feature Robotech: Love Live Alive.

The main event here is, of course, Love Live Alive. Like the original Robotech series itself, this film is an interesting conglomeration of re-cut original Japanese footage, American storytelling, and more (in this case several scenes of all new animation). The series on which Carl Macek based the New Generation, Genesis Climber MOSPEADA, had its own OVA (Original Video Animation) called Love Live Alive that was essentially a concert movie. Knowing that a series of flashy 80s animated music videos wouldn’t quite cut it here in the U.S., producers and writers (including Macek himself before his untimely passing) made something unique. There’s a new framing story but in between it’s mostly a clip show, although there’s also some new animation mixed in here and there to bridge gaps and tie everything in to the current continuity. Sound complicated? It is, but the end result, at least for this Robotech fan, is quite enjoyable.

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