Monday, October 31, 2011

THENUMBERS.COM REVIEW OF THE NEW ROBOTECH DVD BOX SET has posted a review of the new Robotech DVD Box Set from A&E Home Entertainment.


There are no extras on the three seasons, however, there's a set of four bonus discs with ten hours of bonus features. Incredible. Disc one starts off with the original pilot, plus clips in various languages. There are image galleries for character and mecha design, a comic book gallery, toy commercials, etc. Disc two has the original pilot for Genesis Climber MOSPEADA, the original Japanese show that was turned into The New Generation. There are also more than an hour of deleted scenes from the original series, some of which were cut for violence. Extras continue with more comic book art, more character art, more international clips, etc. Disc three starts with Carl Macek's Robotech Universe, which is in memory of the show's writer / producer, and all round innovator of Anime.

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