Monday, October 31, 2011


Yet another Robotech DVD box set review and this time it comes from

And you might think this is simplistic, and you’d have good reason to think so, but this is actually a whole lot more complex than you might think. After all, we’re talking about a series that covers almost a full day and a half of footage, so you know there’s a lot going on in here. It’s a fine piece of anime, and nicely representative of the genre. If you want a good look at where anime came from–and where anime might well go from here–then you’ll want to settle in with this massive chunk of Robotech.
The Screenhead Ten Scale gives Robotech: The Complete Series a full ten out of ten. There’s more than enough action to keep most anyone satisfied, and as a history lesson, it represents a major achievement in anime and is well worth your time to watch.

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