Saturday, April 9, 2016

PRE-ORDER: Robotech Skull-One Sublimation Costume Hoodie


When this costume hoodie is zipped up, it shows the iconic Skull Squadron skull and crossbones logo. When you pull up the hood of this costume hoodie, which features the space age technology of the Skull-One Mecha, you will instantly feel like you are in Battloid mode. Each sleeve features similar All-Environmental Variable Fighter technology. This costume hoodie includes zippered pockets, so you can keep your valuables safe from the Zentraedi. The back of the hoodie features the Defense Force logo, along with Valkyrie wings and an Augmentative FAST Pack. Skull-One was piloted by the massively popular Robotech character Roy Fokker. You will be just as popular when you are seen wearing this costume hoodie. The adventure will never stop once you put on this Robotech Skull-One Sublimation Costume Hoodie!

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