Friday, January 10, 2014


A lengthy update, with many cool photos, from the  Robotech® RPG Tactics kickstarter page

Please remember that this is a massive undertaking with dozens and dozens of game pieces and other components (stat cards, rule book, decal sheets, markers, carrying case, box packaging, etc.). There are nearly 200 individual components (130+ stat cards alone and 30+ game pieces) that have needed to be designed, created, checked, rechecked and then produced. And I’m not even talking just about the creative end of art, rules and sculpts, but design considerations, sprue layout, mold engineering, manufacturing considerations, manufacturing modifications to the game pieces, tooling, packaging, collation of the MANY components and pieces, marketing, shipping, and quality checks, double checks, and triple checks. And once it goes into the tooling and manufacturing stage, there are other issues. That is a lot to keep track of and handled. Even though Ninja Division is the lead on this project, Palladium finds itself working on some aspect of Robotech® RPG Tactics™ every single day. We’re fine with that and taking on more. Anything to get this game into your hands.

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