Wednesday, October 23, 2013

MIND OF THE GEEK INTEVIEW'S TOMMY YUNE ABOUT THE ROBOTECH / VOLTRON CROSS OVER COMIC interviews Joseph Rybandt and Tommy Yune about ‘Robotech’ and ‘Voltron’ crossover and here is an excerpt:

Mansa HerndonDynamite Entertainment has had the Voltron license for years.  So, was there always a plan to obtain the Robotech license as well?
Joseph Rybandt: This was a happy coincidence, though it was one that took a lot of work. It wasn’t part of the plan when we did the deal with Voltron, but once the opportunity came up, it became a quest to make it work.
MH: Voltron’s Thirtieth Anniversary is next year, so are there plans to do a big story to celebrate it?
JR: We just came off 1 issues of Voltron (with the Year One series), and wound that down to focus this as part of the bigger picture, and part of our Tenth Anniversary as well.
MHTommy, how has the experience been working with Dynamite Entertainment during the license acquisition?
Tommy Yune: The folks at Dynamite and WEP have both been great to work with!

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