Wednesday, July 17, 2013


MTV Geek has psoted an interview with Harmony Gold Creative Director Tommy Yune about the new Robotech / Voltron crossover.

MTV Geek: Both series are kind of grand in scope--the way they're about civilizations being spread out among the stars and the giant robots that protect them. Could you talk a little about some of the shared elements between the series?
Tommy Yune: Well, they share some common ground; what's important in both series is the grand storytelling across arcs. "Voltron" has that with some of the earlier series where the storyline would be resolved in one or two episodes, but there would be a grander storyline underneath it all.
"Robotech" is even more connected--it's a very linear storyline, which was highly unusual back then. It wasn't until TV shows like "Lost" which made audiences more accustomed to the grand universe, linear storylines. And that was very intriguing to me, what I remember when I was very young. My classmates and I would get up early in the morning to see the next episode and find out what happens next.
Geek: Which series came first for you?
Yune: I remember watching "Robotech" and "Voltron" at about the same time, but there was another show I watched before either of them: that was "Tranzor Z" which was an adaptation of "Mazinger." I collected the manga when I used to live in Korea, so that was one of my favorite series. I watched the anime when it aired there and encountered it again when I moved to Los Angeles.

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