Monday, July 22, 2013

GEEKEXCHANGE.COM ARTICLE ON ROBOTECH: LOVE LIVE ALIVE has posted a new article on Robotech: Love Live Alive.

Here is an excerpt.

In order to produce Love Live Alive, producers Frank Agrama, Tommy Yune, and Steve Yun of Harmony Gold reassembled the original talent that voiced The New Generation back in ’80s to reprise their roles. GEEK was on hand for an impromptu reunion of old friends that are now anime legends. Frank Catalano who voices Rand is a self-professed Robotech fan that is clearly enjoying his time back in the role. Catalano authored the book, Rand Unwrapped – Confessions of a Robotech Warrior, which gives the reader a behind the scenes look into Robotech as well as voiceover work in animation. Rand’s love interest and fierce Robotech warrior, Rook, was voiced by Susie London, who told us that getting back into the sound booth and hearing the cast’s voices once again felt like no time had passed.


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