Monday, June 17, 2013


A rumor regarding talent charging for autographs at Nan Desu Kan spread through the internet recently and caused great concern amongst the anime world. Well the convention organizers took to the NDK  tumblr page to deal with the issue. 

We’re seeing 10 questions all asking, so just to put it out there:
Autographs at NDK are part of your badge price and don’t have an additional cost! Promise!
Through the years, some guests may also sell additional merch you can purchase (headshots, etc), but you are not require to do so! Autographs at NDK are free and always will be.
Now, there are some rules with those. Here is the full fine print for your reference:
We’re still small enough we can afford to just line up for autographs and not have to do things like lotteries for who gets and autograph. However, you can help us to make sure that stays the case by following these rules!
  • Please do not hug, grapple, grip, glomp, paw, try to kiss, or otherwise maul the guests, or you may be removed from the convention altogether.
  • No bootleg items are allowed in the autograph lines. Ask us if you’re not sure, but if you don’t have a copyright somewhere on your item, it might not be legit.
  • Please bring only one item per guest to sign, and do not request pictures or sketches of guests with lines for their autograph. We want everyone in line to get a chance at an autograph.
  • The line for autographs will be capped and autographs will be stopped at the end of the scheduled autograph time. Thus, if there are 50 people still in line at 5 minutes before the end of the session, we will not allow anyone else to join the line. We allow limited autograph times to save our guests from tendonitis, and the signing sessions must stop at the time scheduled for them to end.
  • There is no guarantee for autographs. This is just a nice extra thing that guests may choose to do, and that the convention makes space and time for. Check the autograph schedule to see who is signing together; we always schedule our guests in groups.
FOR THE RECORD:  Harmony Gold staff on the Robotech Convention Tour NEVER charge for autographs at ANY show.

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