Wednesday, May 22, 2013


From Anime News Network

The organizers of the new "Japan Expo, 1st Impact" convention in Santa Clara, California announced on Tuesday that all tickets for the convention will allow re-entry. Fans had objected to an earlier version of the ticket policy that did not allow re-entry for most attendees.
On Monday, organizers released its initial ticketing details which mirrored the policy at Japan Expo Paris. In this earlier version of the ticket policy, standard one-day and three-day convention tickets did not allow re-entry into the convention. Con-goers who exit the convention would have had to purchase a new ticket to regain access to the event, while premium ticket holders had no restrictions.

It's a good thing to see convention organizers adapt to make their convention work in its local market. I often tell conventions that what works in one market will not always work in another market and its important to adapt your show for the local audience. The organizers change in policy to allow Japan Expo USA attendees re-entry is a good thing and goes a long way to helping the show grow goodwill in the marketplace.

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