Monday, March 18, 2013

"SOLVING A RIDDLE" WITH ROBOTECH COMPOSER SCOTT GLASGOW has posted an interview with Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles Scott Glasgow and here is a excerpt.

Robotech: Shadow Chronicles also marked your very first soundtrack release by the great label, Varese Sarabande. How did you feel when they decided to release the music to that film?

SG: Robotech was also a big moment for me as a composer because as my childhood dream of someday having an album released by Varese Sarabande was realized! It was a huge deal for me. I still thank Robert Townson for deciding to do it. I am betting the fact that Robotech was a well known franchise had contributed to that decision. As a side note, I just finished working on arrangements for the forthcoming film “ROBOTECH: LOVE, LIVE, ALIVE” so there is more Robotech coming your way soon.

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