Friday, February 24, 2012


With all the discussion about people "cutting the cord" on the blog recently I found this quote from ANN's Answerman quite true.

The hardest of the hardcore of anime watchers in the English world have been watching anime on their computers for an entire decade now. It took streaming services a good long while to catch up to fansubs, so call me crazy for assuming that most anime fans would NOT be terribly inclined to switch from instant, streaming video to go back to watching anime on their TVs. Even for me, it's weird to think that I'm going to have to dig out the rabbit ears and plug them into the TV to watch the Oscars this Sunday, when I'm so used to watching TV shows on Hulu or watching live events on Ustream. I've sort of forgotten what it's even like.

The streaming issue is going to become one of the most talked about issues in 2012 and beyond.

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