Monday, November 7, 2011


Kevin Siembieda takes to the Megaverse forums to update fans on the Robotech: The New Generation RPG.

We have two books in full swing, final production.

Rifts® Path of the Storm – One writer’s vision of the Rifts® Movie is almost done. It is going into layout phase this weekend. ALL we are waiting for is the cover and final art. It should go to the printer next week. This is really a fun product that is a good read, provides behind the scenes info at Palladium Books as well as the creative process, and presents game stats for key characters and ideas for adventure. I think people are going to love this book. 96 pages and only $12.95 retail.

Robotech® New Generation Sourcebook should see final layout and go to the printer by the end of next week or the beginning of the following week. Approvals have been coming in from Harmony Gold all day. We’re not certain if we’ll really see ALL approvals by tonight as promised, but they are coming in at a good clip and we are hopeful.

It is very exciting to have two books get so close to being sent to the printer.

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