Wednesday, October 12, 2011


The Riverfront Times has a amazing article on the Voltron Franchise. Here is a brief excerpt. 
In 1983, most TV executives in America shunned Japanese animation as shoddy and inferior. But Ted Koplar and his colleagues found themselves titillated by three different animé series on display at an international trade show. They purchased the option to develop them.
That's when an awkward phone call altered the course of KPLR — and, in a sense, the universe.
An employee at World Events phoned across the Pacific and ordered tapes of the first two shows — Albegas and Dairugger — but didn't know the title of the third, Daltanious. So the employee described the show as having a character with a lion on its chest. The Japanese executive on the other end understood only "lion."
When the box arrived from Japan and Koplar opened it, he pulled out the first two shows he'd ordered, but couldn't find Daltanious. Instead, he saw a tape labeled Beast King GoLion.
Folks if you want a glimpse into one of the worlds top anime franchises this is a MUST read.


  1. Hopefully you lot at HG tok this article to heart and have finally decided to do something progressive with Robotech. If so I wish you the best of luck in all sincerity. If not, then stagnation is a diease that could last a lifetime.

  2. So why is the Voltron franchise being put in the spotlight on a ROBOTECH blog? Isn't there anything regarding Robotech to talk about?

  3. "Folks if you want a glimpse into one of the worlds top anime franchises this is a MUST read."

    YOUR words McKeever.

    This goes to prove without a SHADOW "CHRONICLES" OF A DOUBT that you have to be the world's DUMBEST marketing director!

    Why get you laughed out of the business when you provide Robotech fans too much entertainment by being employed for the fraqnchise. You're the biggest joke in the Robotech since Doug Bendo!

    (One thing you do share with Doug is your racist views on Asians. Do you think people forgot about your "Southeast Asian Hick" comment that got you banned from Macross World.)

    But the irony, you showcase a story on how a franchise is supposed to be run.

    Funny how you CAN'T say that about the franchise YOU'RE involved in.

    Robotech Reporter?

    But then again, this is Kevin McKeever I'm talking about.

    It wouldn't be so bad if you didn't think you were so smart about the business. Any other company would've fired you a long time ago. But since Robotech is not taken seriously by Harmony Gold and results aren't a priority, you skate through it under the radar collecting a paycheck.

    And to say that Robotech's current state is all your fault would be incredibly unfair. I understand you are nothing more than a mouth at Harmony Gold.

    But dude, you come off as this arrogant douche bag that talks out of his ass (no pun intended) at every opportunity he's given. An INTERNET RUMOR about Robotech is more reliable than anything you have to say at conventions. And I've seen your spin jobs close up close. One word Kevin, DEODORANT. Maybe I just caught you on a bad day.

    And son, it's not personal, this is business. And you're definitely in the WRONG one.

    Seriously, you REALLY think you'd find another cushy job like this? Where you would ACTUALLY have to produce results and not inflate the same old stories year after year?

    And I know you're getting hot under the collar by now like you do on forums when people call you to task. You are so easy to get your panties in a knot and that's why people mess with you the way they do. It is funny and just adds to your "legacy."

    You keep living in that fantasy world you call Harmony Gold behind that MAC laptop and keep pumping them internet muscles.

    And who knows maybe Robotech SOMEDAY will take that next step. But don't kid yourself bro, it won't because of your mouth.

    It will be in spite of it.

    And thanks, you were right, that Voltron article was a good read.

    Made you look, business wise, like more an ass than you already are.

    And you can take that to the MACBANK with a milk shake and an Oreo Cookie.

    Best regards,