Thursday, October 20, 2011


The website has put up a review of the new Robotech DVD box set from A&E Home Entertainment here is an excerpt.

Robotech:  The Complete Series arrives on an impressive 17 discs, all contained in four single-width keepcases.  Those of you that have the original Legacy LE releases will be happy at the amount of shelf space this saves!  Each saga comes in it's own multi-disc, single-width case (4 discs each except for the first saga which comes on 5 DVDs) with the fourth case devoted to a whopping four discs worth of extras.


You have the choice of English or Spanish audio, both in 5.1.  (There are no subtitles available.)  Since the show was edited heavily from the original animes, there is no Japanese language track.  The sound during the frequent battle scenes is very cool.  They make full use of the sound stage, with planes swooshing from the rear to the front and all over the room.  There are laser blasts coming from all corners.  This part of the mix is very dynamic and exciting; the audio track really puts you in the middle of things.  Unfortunately, after the battles end, the sound collapses to what is basically a mono mix.  The dialog is centered over the screen, and rarely moves about.  Even the music is piped to the front speakers most of the time.  I wish they had thrown some of the music and sound effects to the rear speakers throughout the entire show and not just the exciting parts.

The audio quality is good.  There is no hiss or hums, though some of the dialog does sound a little flat.  The music is not dynamic, though it does sound better than I remember it from television.
It's a pretty cool comprehensive review of the new A&E Box Set so its worth the read.

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