Tuesday, July 26, 2011


After the reveal that A&E Home Entertainment has acquired the DVD license to the original Robotech series there has been quite a stir online from Robotech fans. There are many questions (many of them quite good) about the extras on the DVD release and they are popping up on the Robotech.com website.

Robotech Creative Director Tommy Yune answers a fans questions about the A&E box set in the Robotech Production Forum. (I've edited the questions and responses into a easy Q&A format.) Tommy's answers to the questions are in italics.

1) Since A&E are putting Harmony Gold's original dub versions of Macross and Mospeada on the set as extras, in addition to promises of Southern Cross stuff regarding the Robotech Movie extras, does this mean A&E also have distributing rights to the Macross/Southern Cross/Mospeada shows as ADV did?

They're selections of deleted Japanese scenes and alternate dubs in the bonus discs. The complete Japanese series are not part of this bundle or else it would not fit in 17 discs.

2) Is that little-known Mospeada music-tribute feature being considered as an extra?

If you're talking about Love Live Alive, that may be a better fit with the Japanese Mospeada and is not part of this set.

3) I apologize if asking something that's already been answered, but is the new documentary being included the one Harmony Gold has been interviewing VAs like Mr. Greg Finley and been working on for the past year?

Yes, the documentary is included and we announced at Comic-Con that we were renaming the project "Carl Macek's Robotech Universe" in his honor.

4) Kevin, can you point out which episodes in the prior ADV release had music issues? I haven't seen the original version, only my Protoculture set and the same version on YouTube, so double-checking these would be insightful.

The selection of "alternate" episodes bundled in the A&E bonus discs are from the original airing in Spring 1985 that had a work-in-progress audio track, which some fans actually prefer over the final version that was seen in re-runs and the Legacy box sets from 2001. The quality of these alternate episodes are nowhere near as pristine as the remastered footage, but have had some processes applied to clean them up from the 25-year-old analog source tapes they were recovered from.

5) With the Sentinels feature being remastered, we're talking a real remastering job like the three sagas, looking better than the VHS quality on the Legacy/Protoculture sets? (And is this potentially helping the Sentinels feature's state of canon consideration? )

Actually, visually cleaning up the Sentinels was suggested by a fan at AnimeExpo. Though we showed one screen shot sample at Comic-Con, we're still working on this. This is a far more complicated undertaking than we expected (the Sentinels was quite a messy salvage job that does not trace back to a clean set of 16mm reels as conveniently as the 85 episodes). As there are many factors to consider to this project and we have a ticking clock of October 18 looming, we'll keep you posted on how things progress on this specific feature. 

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