Wednesday, July 20, 2011


The San Diego Comic-Con is almost here and you can never have too many posts to help you get the most out of the convention. 

  • Get comfy — Hundreds of thousands of people descend upon San Diego to attend Comic-Con every year, which means the place will be packed with long lines, crowds, and a lot of walking from booth to booth and panel to panel (some of which are not on the expo grounds). Unless you're wearing an intricate costume, pack breathable clothes and arm your feet with comfy shoes, since you'll be doing a lot of walking, standing, and sitting in tight spaces. 
  • Plan ahead — Make sure you take a look at our daily Comic-Con must-see panel suggestions and plan your route and timetable ahead of time. Getting from one ballroom to another can be tricky with big crowds, so knowing where you're going will save you precious minutes (and line placement).
Go read the whole thing.

Also a quick reminder about the Robotech Industry Panel on Thursday at 7 p.m.: Panel attendance in past years have been capped by the San Diego Fire Marshall and many fans were unable to attend. We encourage our fans to get their badges and line up for the panel early not to be left out.

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