Tuesday, July 5, 2011


The website TheRealMToys.com has a great writeup of the Anime Expo Robotech panel and here is the opening. 

The biggest thing, for me, at Anime Expo every year is catching the Robotech panel staged by Harmony Gold, the company that owns and operates the franchise.  This panel is always hosted by Tommy Yune, often accompanied by Steve Yun, and in this case, the two were joined by marketing rep Kevin McKeever.  The three company men are also fans, so their enthusiasm for all things ‘Tech coming down the pike is infectious.  Over the last year or two, news was few and far between, with various projects in the works, but not due to see the light of day just yet.  Well, that light is getting closer, and here’s what Harmony Gold will offer up to Robotech fans in the months to come, and an approximate release date.
 It's a great writeup and worth the read.

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  1. Did you pay this person to write such positive feedback? It seems that way because the attendees at the panel didn't seem thrilled, aside fromthe footage clip of the anime your suppose to be working on. The rhetoric by the critics who support Robotech but not HG is primarily negative. Even on Transformers websites where they occasionally have a Robotech discussion, do not have nice things to say. But you're all smart guys, you know what you're doing. Just keep dispatching the Memobots to attempt to boost your numbers, or whatever it is you do, or don't.