Sunday, May 29, 2011


From the AP.

here's less money this summer for hotel rooms, surfboards and bathing suits. It's all going into the gas tank.

High prices at the pump are putting a squeeze on the family budget as the traditional summer driving season begins. For every $10 the typical household earns before taxes, almost a full dollar now goes toward gas, a 40 percent bigger bite than normal.
Households spent an average of $369 on gas last month. In April 2009, they spent just $201. Families now spend more filling up than they spend on cars, clothes or recreation. Last year, they spent less on gasoline than each of those things.
Jeffrey Wayman of Cape Charles, Va., spent Friday riding his motorcycle to North Carolina's Outer Banks, a day trip with his wife. They decided to eat snacks in a gas station parking lot rather than buy lunch because rising fuel prices have eaten so much into their budget over the past year that they can't ride as frequently as they would like.
"We used to do it a lot more, but not as much now," he said. "You have to cut back when you have a $480 gas bill a month."
Alex Martinez, a senior at Arcadia High School outside Los Angeles, said his family's trips to San Francisco, which they usually take once or more a year, are on hold. As he stopped at a gas station to put $5 of fuel in his car — not much more than a gallon — he said the high prices are crimping social life for him and his friends.

 To help you grasp the numbers that means you would spend an extra $2,016 USD per year on gas. So what could you do with an extra $168 USD per month? What could you do with an extra $2,016 USD per year to spend?


  1. Cant you stay focused on Robotech related news. Your post make Robotech even more irrelevant Kevin.

  2. If this is going to hurt convention numbers, and yet you focus your "marketing" (if you can call it that) on the conventions, aren't you acknowledging your lack of logic in going this route? Also, aren't you really acknowledging your own pointless wasted time in going to all these conventions? Really, thanks for validating your own worthlessness.