Friday, April 8, 2011


Oil is going up and the price of everything else along with it.

Inflation is hitting the U.S. just as the large anime conventions are gearing up. Here are some numbers to crunch over.

Whether it's at the pump or in checkout line at the grocery store, cost of living items are on the rise.
A survey by the Wisconsin Farm Bureau shows food prices are up 5 percent this year.

The bureau's 'Marketbasket' survey totals the cost of 16 food items. In the first three months of 2011, the total was $48. That is up $2.39 from December's price for the same items.
Topping the survey's list
  • Apples increased 24 cents (18 percent) to $1.52 per pound.
  • A gallon of whole milk increased 50 cents (17 percent) to $3.41 per gallon.
  • One pound of bagged salad increased 33 cents (15 percent) to $2.48.
  • A five-pound bag of flour increased 25 cents (12 percent) to $2.34.
  • One pound of ground chuck climbed 32 cents (10 percent) to $3.41.
But its not just food prices on the rise.

Prices are rising at the gas pump as well.
According to AAA, the price for a gallon of regular grade gasoline in the Green Bay area is $3.767. That is up nearly 25 cents in the last month ($3.529) and about 90 cents form a year ago ($2.883) from this time last year.
The highest recorded average price is $4.056 from July 2008.

These rising prices act like a tax that hits the key anime convention demographic 16-21 the hardest. They also act as a drag on the 21 and up demographic as well and with oil prices umping 2% in one day it looks like these factors are only going to intensify just as the big summer cons are gearing up.

If people have to spend more on gas & food then that is less they can spend on or at the conventions. Yes the prices were high in summer 2008 but the economy was far stronger then than it is now. IT will be very interesting to watch what type of impact this will have on the conventions.

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