Friday, March 25, 2011


From Kyodo News

Mazda Motor Corp. has suspended U.S. dealer orders for vehicles built in Japan until further notice due to parts-supply disruptions caused by the earthquake and tsunami earlier this month, The Wall Street Journal reported Friday, citing a Mazda spokesman.
Mazda's main Japanese plants were not directly affected by the disaster, but production was suspended due partly to problems with parts supplies. Partial production resumed on a temporary basis from Tuesday at Mazda's Hiroshima Prefecture-based main factory and at another plant in Yamaguchi Prefecture, but operations have yet to return to full capacity.
Mazda appears to have judged that output disruptions in Japan would affect the sales of vehicles exported to the United States and has decided to suspend orders for Japan-built models including the CX7 and CX9 sport-utility vehicles.
The real question is how long is this going to go on? 

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