Thursday, November 11, 2010


Good news from for San Diego Comic-Con attendees.
The center, which has housed Comic-Con International since1991, would gain an additional 780,000 square feet of meeting, exhibit, and ballroom space under the concept design. (The center currently has 2.6 million square feet.) The city leaders estimated that the proposal would cost US$710 million and
could possibly open for Comic-Con International 2015. However, the city still needs to find the necessary funding for the proposal.
The expansion would include a five-acre rooftop plaza, a truck tunnel for exhibitors, and a 500-room hotel on top of a nearby parking garage. Denver-based architect Curt Fentress designed the proposal which was selected in a competition.
 SDCC has long been at their physical limits and any expansion is to be welcomed. The question remains is where the City of San Diego will get the funding for this project in this tough economic environment.

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