Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Well the 2010 Robotech Convention Tour is now in the history books. The tour had 21 stops in 16 states and was at 4 of the 10 largest anime conventions in North America. The tour has grown stronger every year and has now moved into the world of State Fairs.

In the past year Harmony Gold has harnessed the power of our new  Robotech Twitter News Feed and the Official Robotech Facebook Page so we can  expand our coverage at conventions. Along with videos on CNN more  fans than ever are able to experience the Robotech Convention Tour no matter where it stops.

Another welcome addition to the Robotech Convention Tour has been the RobotechX fan booth at selected stops. The RobotechX booth allows fans to interact with other fans at events and netqork with one another. Also there have been surprise guests appearances from past, present and future Robotech productions  making stops at the RobotechX booth.

Also fans who have attended our panels have gotten the first news on current and upcoming Robotech projects. For those who are unable to attend the panels the Robotech Twitter News Feed often tweets the information mere seconds after the speaker tells the audience helping keep the fandom informed.

The Robotech Convention Tour has allowed fans to meet other fans but also allowed them to share their fanworks with other fans as well. No matter where you live if you have a chance to attend an Robotech Convention Tour stop it will be well worth your time.

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